Artists | Comicoperando (UK/US/BE)

Dagmar Krause – vocals
Annie Whitehead – trombone, backing vocals
Karen Mantler – hammond B3, vocals
Michel Delville – synth guitar
John Edwards – double bass
Chris Cutler – drums

Comicoperando appears in:

Comicoperando is a musical collective dedicated to the music of Canterbury scene legend, singer and songwriter Robert Wyatt. The band’s debut concert was at the Teatro Communale Luciano Pavarotti in Modena, Italy, in March 2010.
It featured Dagmar Krause (Henry Cow, Slapp Happy, Art Bears), Chris Cutler (Henry Cow, Art Bears, Peter Blegvad Trio) and Richard Sinclair (Caravan, Camel, Hatfield and the North), alongside Wyatt’s longtime collaborators Annie Whitehead and Gilad Atzmon, Alex Maguire, Michel Delville, John Edwards and Cristiano Calcagnile.

Their repertoire includes re-arranged classics as such as Alifib, Little Red Riding Hood Hits the Road and Memories as well as lesser-known numbers encompassing all of Wyatt’s 40-odd-year career, from the early Soft Machine albums to Comicopera (2007), which inspired the collective’s name.

A new incarnation of Comicoperando featuring: Dagmar Krause, Chris Cutler, Michel Delville, John Edwards, Annie Whitehead and also Karen Mantler on vocals and organ toured Europe and America in the Spring of 2011.