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Phil Minton, Judith Bisping, Dagmar Boecker, Gernot Bogumil, Hinnerick Bröskamp, Maria Carreras, Christine Dinkelbach, Monika Gand, Bernhard Gehrke, Thomas Gläßer, Iouri Grankin, Chriz Hart, Julia Ippen, Ulrich Jonas, Hae Soon Kim, Susanne Krieg, Karl Krützmann, Brigitte Küpper, Barbara Luft, Audrey Milstein, Käte Naumann, Jonida Prifti, Lourdes Redondo, Benedetta Reuter, Hansjörg Schall, Margareta Schlipf, Marion Schüller, Wiebke Techentin, Andreas Techler, Stefano di Trapani, Ansgar Wallstein, Susanna Welsch, Norbert Zajac

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Feral Choir (the wild, untamed choir) is the name that Phil Minton has chosen for a series of vocal workshops, resulting in performances, which he’s been holding in many different places around the world.

It appeals not only to singers, but to ”anyone who takes a delight in the freedom to experiment”, including people who think they cannot sing. Phil Minton is convinced that ”anyone who can breathe is capable of producing sounds that give a positive aesthetic contribution to the human condition”.

”I encourage participants to take a vocal leap and explore all vocal possibilities through exercises and improvisations... The human voice is capable of so much more than is generally understood.” Since the first Feral Choir in Stockholm in the late 1980s, Phil Minton has been ever developing this idea further on.
Feral Choir workshops and performances have subsequently been held in many different places around the world including Berlin, Centre for Performance Research Cardiff, Musickzentrum Munich, Tokyo, Angelica Bologna, City Festival Lausanne, Institute for Living Voice Antwerp, Baltimore, Nante, Brest, Oxford, Paris, Oakland, Melbourne, St. Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Bristol, Pau, Florence, Le Man, Trondheim, Rotterdam, Ghent, Zurich, Nancy Vandoeuvre, Poitiers, London, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Brugge, Strasbourg, and Aberystwyth.

This short film was shot during the Feral Choir workshop in Cologne in December 2011.