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Fred Lonberg-Holm (born 1962 in Delaware, USA) is an American cellist.
He was a student of Anthony Braxton, Morton Feldman, Bunita Marcus and Pauline Oliveros.
His primary projects are Valentine Trio (with Jason Roebke and Frank Rosaly) and The Lightbox Orchestra, an improvising ensemble with a flexible, ever-changing membership. Lonberg-Holm does not play an instrument in this group, but rather conducts its non-idiomatic improvisations via the «lightbox» and by holding up handwritten signs. The lightbox contains a light bulb for each musician which Lonberg-Holm switches on or off to suggest when they should play.
Fred Lonberg-Holm is also a member of a number of ongoing collective projects (The Boxhead Ensemble, The Friction Brothers with Michaels Zerang and Colligan, The Flatlands Collective, Keefe Jackson’s Fast Citizens) etc. He played currently plays in groups led by Joe McPhee (Survival Unit III), Peter Brötzmann (The Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet), and Ken Vandermark (The Vandermark 5, The Frame Quartet, Territory Band).
Improvisors he has worked with include Jim Baker, John Butcher, Wilbert DeJoode, Axel Doerner, Mats Gustafsson, Charlotte Hug, Glenn Kotche, Peter Kowald, Nicole Mitchell, Torsten Muller, Jim O’Rourke, Jeff Parker, David Stakenas, Ben Vida, and Michael Zerang. He has contributed cello sounds to numerous recording projects by rock groups including Califone, Freakwater, God-is-my-co-pilot, L’altra, Smog, Super Chunk, US Maple, Wilco and many others.