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Andrea Neumann (born 1968 in Freiburg, Germany) is a german musician and composer in the fields of new music and experimental music.
Studied classical piano at the Hochschule der Künste, Berlin.
Has co-organized Labor Sonor, a series for experimental music, film and performance in Berlin since 2000.

Her exploration of the piano for new sound possibilities has led her to reduce the instrument to its strings, its resonance board and the cast-iron frame. Playing this unmounted ”leftover” of a piano, with the help of electronics to amplify and manipulate the sound, she has developed several of her own playing techniques, sounds, and ways for preparing the instrument. For reasons of weight, a lighter special instrument was crafted in 2000 according to the measurements of the original heavier inside piano (piano builder, Bernd Bittmann, Berlin).

She has engaged in intensive cooperations in the mixed border areas between composition and improvisation, between electronic and hand-made music with ensmbles like Les Femmes Savantes, Phosphor and with musicians like Sophie Agnel, Burkhard Beins, Sabine Ercklentz, Bonnie Jones, Annette Krebs, Hanna Hartman o.a.

2011 she published together with Burkhard Beins, Christian Kesten, Gisela Nauck echtzeitmusik berlin, selbstbestimmung einer szene at Wolke-Verlag.