Releases | Elliott Sharp / Scott Fields – Ostryepolya (PANDVD05 / MW 908)

Elliott Sharp / Scott Fields – Ostryepolya DVD

DVD (price: €14.95*)

Video: NTSC, aspect ratio: 16:9
Audio: PCM stereo

Special features: Recording session at Topaz Studios (26 min); Interview with Elliott Sharp and Scott Fields (8 min); Audio commentary by Elliott Sharp and Scott Fields on selected tracks; PanRec trailers

DVD release date: November 2, 2013

This DVD is a co-production by PanRec and Not Two Records

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Two duo acoustic guitar concerts in Cologne

Filmed at Loft in Cologne on May 26, 2009

Filmed at the NOZART Festival in Cologne on March 5, 2010

At Loft
1. Branedrane (Sharp)
2. Between Octopus and Squid (Fields)
3. Big, Brutal, Cold Raindrops (Fields)
4. Minerali (Sharp)
5. Shuffle through the Restaurateur Gauntlet (Fields)
6. Douabula (Sharp)
7. Put Your Pennies in My Portuguese Cork Hat (Fields)
8. Doubleviz (Sharp)
9. Freefall (Sharp)

1. Krash Area (Sharp)
2. Iconography of Shame (Fields)
3. Convolution Now! (Sharp)
4. Savage Like (Fields)
5. Pleonica (Sharp)
6. Sidemanitus (Fields)
7. No Tzar (Sharp/Fields)

Elliott Sharp – acoustic guitar
Scott Fields – acoustic guitar

Directed, produced and edited by Pavel Borodin

Camera operators: Pavel Borodin, Yuri Brodsky, Victor Ferin

Live sound and recording: Jan Büthe (At Loft), Joker Nies (At NOZART)
Mixing and mastering: Joker Nies (KlangBureau, Cologne)

Many thanks to Hans-Martin Müller, Peter Schöndorf/Der Präsident, Peter Henseleit/Dr. Borg and Thomas Reg’n

Year of production: 2011
Duration: 44 + 43 minutes