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Johannes Bauer (born 1954 in Halle, DDR) is a German trombonist.
Since 1979 he works as a freelance musician. He lives in Berlin. He is member and founder of: Doppelmoppel (with his brother Conny Bauer, Uwe Kropinski, Helmut ”Joe” Sachse), Slawterhaus (with Jon Rose, Peter Hollinger and Dietmar Diesner), Futch (with Thomas Lehn and Jon Rose), The Tradition Trio (with Alan Silva and Roger Turner), FOURinONE (with Martin Blume, Luc Houtkamp, Dieter Manderscheid).
He also performed in: The Manfred Schulze Wind Quintet, The Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet, Ken Vandermark Territory Band, Bouge (with Isabelle Duthoit and Luc Ex), BAUER 4 (with Konrad Bauer, Matthias Bauer and Louis Rastig), Sydney Graz Berlin (with Elisabeth Harnik and Clayton Thomas), Grid Mesh, iTi (with Ken Vandermark, Paal Nilssen-Love, Thomas Lehn), Joe McPhee Brass Ass, SOL12, in a two trios (with Stine Janvin Motland and Dag Mugnus Narvesen; with Kalle Kalima and Willi Kellers, in two quartets (with Lotte Anker, Clayton Thomas and Paul Lovens; with Peter Evans, Louis Rastig, Paal Nilssen-Love).