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Shayna Dunkelman is a musician, an improviser, and a percussionist based in Brooklyn, NY. Dunkelman is known for her stunning classical techniques and her use of a Xylosynth to access a sonic pallet not found in acoustic percussion.
Dunkelman the founding member of the exotica inspired retro-future band Peptalk with Preshish Moments and Angelica Negron based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. She is also a member of Xiu Xiu.
Dunkelman’s musical activities span a wide spectrum. She has performed classical and contemporary pieces with numerous contemporary music ensembles such as the William Winant Percussion Group and the Wordless Music Orchestra, while recording and performing with pioneers of avant-garde experimental musicians such as John Zorn, Yoko Ono, Thurston Moore, Ikue Mori and Zeena Parkins. She also improvised with popular electronic musicians like Dan Deacon and Drew Daniel (Matmos) to name a few. Past collaborations include bands Zeena and the Adorables, Phantom Orchard Orchestra, and Mute Socialite to name a few.
Composers have written percussion pieces that take advantage of Dunkelman’s versatility and unique style.
Dunkelman graduated with honors in both music and mathematics from Mills College in Oakland, CA in 2007, where she studied percussion with William Winant. Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan to an Indonesian mother and a American father, Dunkelman learned to be a multi-instrumentalist, and performed alongside her mother, a musician and composer active in Asia and the Middle East.
The highlights of Dunkelman’s musical activities in the past couple years include curating the Avant-garde venue in NYC known as the Stone, playing with Cibo Matto sharing the stage with Wilco, releasing an album with Zeena and the Adorables from cryptogramophone, touring with Xiu Xiu as a duo and perforing with Glasser.