Releases | The Multiple Joy[ce] Ensemble plays Matthias Schubert (PanRec Bootleg Series Vol. 2)

The Multiple Joy[ce] Ensemble plays Matthias Schubert

The Multiple Joy[ce] Ensemble is a Cologne based orchestra, which has existed for some 10 years and which specialises in combining written and improvised music for large ensembles.

The music encompasses new music, sound and noise and even jazz. Some of the pieces are entirely notated throughout while some deal with improvising concepts.

The pieces here are dedications to well-known musicians and composers, who have inspired Matthias Schubert with their ingenuity.

All pieces issued on the CD “9 Compositions for the Multiple Joy[ce] Ensemble by Matthias Schubert” released in 2013 by Red Toucan Records (RT 9348)

1. Moose (Dedicated to composer Helmut Lachenmann and trumpeter Axel Dörner)
2. Anthonykowski (Dedicated to Anthony Braxton)
3. John Müller (Dedicated to John Cage and flutist Hans-Martin Müller)
4. Frith Fields (Dedicated to Fred Frith)
5. Ende der Zeit (Inspired by Olivier Messiaen’s “Quatuor pour la fin du temps”–“Louange à l’Éternité de Jésus”)
6. Akkordstudie (Study of the final chord of “Ende der Zeit”)
7. Conlon Zoubeck (Dedicated to Conlon Nancarrow)

All compositions by Matthias Schubert

The Multiple Joy[ce] Ensemble:
Scott Fields – guitar
Elisabeth Fügemann – cello
Sebastian Gramss – contrabass
Frank Gratkowski – alto saxophone
Carl Ludwig Hübsch – tuba
Axel Lindner – violin
Udo Moll – trumpet
Matthias Muche – trombone
Matthias Schubert – conductor
Angelika Sheridan – flute
Holger Werner – clarinet
Phillip Zoubek – piano

A Pavel Borodin production

Filmed at Loft in Cologne on December 20, 2012

Shot by Pavel Borodin

Sound recording and mix by Christian Heck

Year of production: 2013
Duration: 55 minutes