Artists | The Multiple Joy[ce] Ensemble (DE)

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Scott Fields – guitar
Elisabeth Fügemann – cello
Sebastian Gramss – contrabass
Frank Gratkowski – alto saxophone
Carl Ludwig Hübsch – tuba
Axel Lindner – violin
Udo Moll – trumpet
Matthias Muche – trombone
Matthias Schubert – conductor
Angelika Sheridan – flute
Holger Werner – clarinet
Phillip Zoubek – piano

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The Multiple Joy[ce] Ensemble is a Cologne based orchestra, specializes in combining written and improvised music for large ensembles.
It grew out of the James Choice Orchestra, which a collective of composers founded in 2004 to present their own works. Four years later three of these composers - Frank Gratkowski, Carl Ludwig Hübsch and Matthias Schubert - restructured the group to allow additional possibilities, such as collaborations with guest soloists and commissioning works from guest composers. The new group retains the original orchestra`s focus on combining composition and improvisation within a large-scale ensemble. The orchestra includes more than twenty musicians who live in the Cologne region.
The music encompasses new music, sound and noise and jazz. Some of the pieces are entirely notated throughout while some deal with improvising concepts.